Digital Devil Be Gone

Cool product alert. Great gift for you, a client, co-worker, friend or family member. Disclaimer up front though, I have no affiliation to this brand or product. If I did I would TELL you. Promise.

Ok. Have you ever had a digital life-threatening emergency? Like when you’re watching a live sporting event taking cool photos and videos and preparing to post to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter when all of a sudden BOOM. The Digital Devil appears with their evil red battery icon and annoying “low battery” notification. Of course, there’s no electrical outlet conveniently placed near your bleacher seat and you’re stuck with no way to socially brag about where you are and what you’re doing. Buzz kill. And, it’s not the same to post this when you arrive home later. The moment is gone. Or, how about when you’re on that 4-hour flight across the country, happily rocking out to tunes or watching a favorite flick and your iPad battery nosedives into digital life doom? Well, have no fear. ZAGG is here.

I recently became the owner of a ZAGGsparq 2.0 and it does two things:

  1. Keeps me charged. This little magical contraption charges an iPhone up to FOUR times. (Personal experiment.) And, it can charge two devices at one time. (Two USB imports for a mobile device, iPad, battery sleeve charger, etc. The list goes on.)
  2. Allows me to give the gift of digital life. Increased popularity is a side effect. You can instantly become the most popular person in a meeting, at a sporting event or at a bar.
  3. Other benefits of the ZAGG have been pondered. Pick up tool? “Here, let me help you charge that.” New economic model?Charge for a charge? Those are just bonus benefits though. The gift simple digital life is enough on it’s own.

We recently gave ZAGGS to all of the DoubleTree by Hilton social media “Socialites” who visited the Digital Royalty office and branded them with dR logos. (Maybe they’ll think of us and smile each time they’re rescued and they charged up.)

Cost: $99.00 (Beware, these are hot little items. We recently visited 10 different Radio Shacks to purchase a few ZAGGS. You might want to go ahead and purchase online. Reminder, you can brand them by placing a logo sticker on the side.

Ladies, if you buy this for your guy, you win too. Why? Because it will end up in your purse at some point. Admittedly, it’s too big for him to stick in his pocket (when it’s not housed in his laptop bag or backpack). And, you too can fight the Digital Devil when needed.

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