Fantasy is a Beautiful Thing

The swoosh and I go back. Way back. I’ve had a crush on Nike since I was seven years old. Today I was fortunate to be one of about thirty people in the world invited to the unveiling of a big #NikeSecret. Receiving that invite was the equivalent of being invited to prom by my crush. My mythical photo gallery here.

I wasn’t sure what angle to take with the post. In short, I just had one of the most inspiring days in recent memory with Nike as they announced their big news. But it was so much more than an unveiling of something you wear on your feet. I’m not a true sneakerhead who is qualified to dissect every inch of the shoe and tell you the stats. I’ll leave that to the professionals who have already done a great job at that here and here.

Nike put on the full court press. (Bad use of an analogy?) They teased us (the press) with clues, which you may have seen over the past twenty-four hours via my twitter feed. But again, this wasn’t about shoes. Nike has an unmatched ability to tell stories and make an emotional connection. It’s never about the shoes. Nike just uses shoes as their stage to tell stories and their vehicle to deliver an emotional connection. (Hence my crush.)

The best part of all this? The Nike Mag shoe isn’t available in a normal retail capacity. Only 1500 pair exist and they will be auctioned off on eBay starting tonight at 8:30 pm PST with all net proceeds donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. THAT. IS. RAD.

Today was a mix of mythical style, emotion, story telling, fantasy, reality and the higher objective of people helping people. Three memories from today, which you probably won’t read anywhere else:

1. “Fantasy is a beautiful thing.”

Tinker Hatfield, VP Innovation and Design at Nike, said this today as he described his journey for designing the shoe which all started pre 1987 for Back to the Future. This guy is arguably one of the most creative individuals out there. He creates innovation and lives in a fantasyland. Time after time, Tinker has bridged fantasy with reality and delivered the magic in an orange shoebox. Fantasy drives reality. This got me thinking.

2. It’s about Time.

Back to the Future depicts the year 2015. Nike could have waited until 2015 to unveil this mythical shoe, and I’m not naive to say that they don’t have plenty of tricks up their sleeves planned for 2015, however, people who struggle with Parkinson’s don’t have time for the real world calendar to catch up to the fantasy movie land calendar. It’s great to see the efforts are starting now. Why wait for the “perfect time”?

3. “It’s amazing what can happen when you put one foot in front of the other.”

Deborah Brooks, co-founder of The Michael J. Fox Foundation, said this right after the shoes were unveiled. Michael J. Fox has been on quite the journey. His resolve and dedication is overwhelming to even comprehend. It all starts by taking that first step.


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