The Scoreboard For Life

We can’t improve what we can’t measure. As most of you know, I’m a big advocate of measurement and innovation. From developing formulas to measuring things that have never been measurable, to establishing personal key performance indicators for innovating my life. Recently, I’ve been advocating for all of us to run our lives like a business because we are more accountable, motivated and successful when we measure our performance.

Today, Nike launched a game changer by unveiling their new metric for measuring activity. They invented a universal formula for people to track and count movement. It’s called the Nike Fuel Score. Oxygen kinetics is the main ingredient for this score along with many other ingredients that I don’t really understand. (There are videos on this algorithm. Google it.)

Why is this so amazing? Because Nike is merging the worlds of digital, sports and social media with today’s FuelBand launch. It‘s the perfect combo of motivation, inspiration, measurement and innovation for the greater good of allowing us find our true potential and live our best lives. The Nike FuelBand is a scoreboard for your life. The FuelBand tracks calories, steps and your Fuel score. There’s a color system from red to yellow to green that correlates with Fuel performance. The FuelBand will integrate with social media outlets like Facbeook, Twitter, Foursquare and Path so we can motivate each other. (Fact: This is basically the perfect day, combining all of my favorite things. I may need to simmer down a bit.)

Once again, similar to last time, Nike made a full court press with this event. I did my best to tell the story virtually via exclusive tweet-by-tweet content and photo updates on Facebook.  The morning was kicked off by Jimmy Fallon in a dark room filled with buzzing media from all around the globe. Then Nike President and CEO, Mark Parker, explained the goal behind the product: to innovate and inspire athletes. The FuelBand was unveiled and Lance Armstrong, Kevin Durant and Carmelita Jeter took the stage. I get the chance to check out the Nike FuelBand today as we run around NYC. The band will be available February 22nd and it retails for $149 and is available for pre order today at 5pm ET.

Photos from today thus far, I’ll keep posting more.

More official info on Nike FuelBand

I’m off to run around NYC with my FuelBand. #MakeItCount


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