Give NASCAR A Chance We tend to dislike what we don’t know. Many people don’t understand, or better yet “get,” NASCAR. Whether it’s a factor of the old points system (which just changed) or pure lack of exposure, many people make fun of the so-called “monotonous day of left turns and mullets.” I took a trip to Daytona […]


Closed-toed shoes or non closed-toed shoes? THAT is the question. I’m in Daytona this weekend for my first true NASCAR race experience. Over the next few days, I’ll be shooting a series of Chevrolet Cruze Sports Unexpected webisodes with exclusive access. Whether you’re a NASCAR fan or not, I dare you to follow my rookie adventure […]

NASCAR’s 20-Year-Old Veteran I spent a day in the world of NASCAR at the Richard Childress Racing facility in Welcome, North Carolina. Austin Dillon, 20-year-old NASCAR driver and grandson of racing legend Richard Childress, showed me around. I got to know him and learned a little more about racing. Austin grew up on the racetrack. His grandfather […]

Just Another Day With Darth Bader A year and a half ago, I sat down with Dana White and his executive team to talk about social media. I secretly didn’t know a thing about mixed martial arts or any combat sport for that matter. However, I did know a thing or two about social media. After becoming familiar with the […]