Stand-Up Paddleboarding

New sport discovery alert. Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Background: I grew up on the water. Boating every weekend, waterskiing, Sea-Dooing, kneeboarding which led to Skurfing (yep, I said skurf – a combo of ski and surf invented in the 80’s or maybe ‘90’s) and then finally wakeboarding. Sprinkle in a little tubing, banana boating and parasailing in […]

Digital Devil Be Gone

Cool product alert. Great gift for you, a client, co-worker, friend or family member. Disclaimer up front though, I have no affiliation to this brand or product. If I did I would TELL you. Promise. Ok. Have you ever had a digital life-threatening emergency? Like when you’re watching a live sporting event taking cool photos […]

Tall Lessons from Shaquille O’Neal

My Tall Friend Some people pop into your life unexpectedly and have an even more unexpected impact on your life. I met Shaquille O’Neal in 2008. Over the past three years, we’ve been in touch almost on a daily basis. He’s been a friend, mentor and client who has taught me a few tall lessons […]