To Monetize Social Media, Humanize It

This post is part of Amy Jo Martin’s monthly contributions to the Harvard Business Review Insight Center Marketing That Works. Hi, I’m Amy. A quick introduction is in order here because, while you don’t know me, you may know my work. I’ve spent the past three years building an online brand you may know called […]

The ‘Woman Card’

I have never considered myself a feminist and I don’t believe I’ve actually ever uttered the words “girl power” but I have spent years in board rooms with male CEOs, several years my senior, and have gradually made a realization which I’ve have never articulated until today: There’s a big difference between playing to win […]

I Have A Social Dream

I have a social dream that one day we rise up and embrace social communication channels to make social good more scaleable. Where is social media going? What’s next? Every interview I do includes this question. The interviewer expects me to say, “Oh, well the new abracadabra app or XYZ social platform is really going […]