Be Fearless. Be Free.

A good portion of the world is motivated by fear. This form of motivation is unsustainable. Our intentions change when fear is in the equation. If we want to be free, we need to fear LESS. I’m in San Francisco with Nike for the Nike Women’s marathon. The vibe in this city at the moment […]

Ingredients for Innovation

As the world continues to reflect on Steve Jobs and his epic legacy, I attempt to identify the ingredients that make a true innovator. What can we learn from Steve Jobs in effort to inject a dose of innovation into our fabric? When I think about the unmatched innovators I respect the most or times […]

6 Days, 6 Cities, 6 Lessons

Eighty cities in ten months, six of which were this week. (That’s a lot of peanut offers.) The biggest lesson I learned this week was to pay attention. Listen to those signs the big old universe is sending you . . . Day 1: Sunday Location: Black Hills, South Dakota Memorable Music: Ships in the […]