February 1, 2012

Growing up, my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are. The imagination and illustrations took me on a mental journey each time I read the book. The concept of anything being possible was fascinating and motivating.

It’s been a wild ride over the past few years but I’m just getting started with writing my first book. My journey through the unchartered social media waters has been like my own version of Where the Wild Things Are. Or, given there are no rules, at times it’s been more like the wild, wild west.

So, what’s this book going to be about? It’s up to you. Well, kinda. I want your help in molding the book content. Many of you have joined me on this wild ride over the past few years and lucky, or unlucky, for you I have basically shared my story virtually, play-by-play style, via social media. There have been some details, stories and lessons I’ve left out, which I plan to finally share. Here’s our framework:

  • This is not another social media book. Sure, there will be social media fundamentals and case studies sprinkled in from my journey over the past two years. I’ll share how experimenting over and over turned into best practices and what it really means to humanize your brand. (The social media stunts gone wrong types of tales will even be told.) I’ll demonstrate why it is irresponsible to ignore social media and how these channels are more like the telephone and less like the television. Some entertaining and intense stories have been collected and archived for exactly this reason.
  • The book will be largely focused on innovation. Social media has redefined the process of corporate innovation and even personal innovation. I believe we need to innovate our minds before we will see true positive change in this world.
  • For the past four years I’ve been communicating via 140 characters at a time. Now I’m writing a book, which has an average of 60,000 words, six characters each. That’s 360,000 characters, which is why I need your help. This process will be a content curation social experiment. I invite you to join me in creating the content. Please stand by for further direction. Or, actually feel free to pipe in now if you have any preconceived notions (and cc my publishing editor).

What you may not know about me is that growing up I had to take a special class because I wasn’t quite picking up the reading and writing gig. (A little detail I haven’t shared with my editor yet.) Let’s just say I was more of a math and recess type of kid. My family and I moved often and therefore I changed elementary schools regularly. Somehow, that had to have played a role. Right? The only thing that motivated me to read was the Pizza Hut “Book It” program. Remember that? You read five books and the prize was a personal pan pizza. This was great, but the REAL prize was the trip to Pizza Hut, which meant I could play PacMan with my bro. My second grade teacher now follows my daily wild ride on facebook and twitter. (Hi, Mrs. Wyatt! Bet you would have never imagined I would write a book when I took your special class. Anything is possible.)

I look forward to tackling this next chapter of my life and plan to share the daily adventures of my book-writing journey per the usual social media drill. Thank you in advance for your help with writing the book. I owe you a personal pan pizza and game of PacMan.

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