February 18, 2012

Sometimes simplification is the purest form of innovation. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to innovate. Have technology advancements caught us in an imagination deficit? A drought of what if’s? There seems to be a lack of curiosity these days yet curiosity is the very thing that drives innovation.

Admittedly, most technology advancements are mind blowing. We think to ourselves, how the heck could that electronic device possibly do XYZ? It’s over our head in most cases. We couldn’t have dreamt of this or that being possible. Because technology is so ahead of itself, have our imaginations become lazy and weak? Are we just simply relying on those tech wizards who create magic behind closed doors?

I’m bringin’ “what if” back.

Just like anything else, repetition creates habits and practice makes progress. We have to train our minds to imagine the unthinkable. The what if’s have to start populating more frequently and be given the due diligence they deserve.

Lately, my burning what if has been:

What if grade school students were required to recite the Golden Rule every morning after they say the Pledge of Allegiance? What if that one simple act was implemented and enforced daily? What if that’s the very thing that decreases negative actions and increases positive actions? We would have innovation on our hands.

What if Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t ‘what if’?

Don’t dare to dream, dare to what if. Cheers to those amazing innovators who were courageous enough to ‘what if’? We can’t afford for them to become extinct.

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