October 13, 2012

So, The New York Times Best Sellers list came out this morning. Renegades Write the Rules made this list. We did it. The book also appears on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller lists.

I have no words other than — thank you, fellow Renegades. Thank you to everyone who has joined in this wild journey and thank you to everyone who believes that things can be done differently. We’ve proven that very concept and we did this together. You helped me write this book from day one and came along for the ride. For that, I’m humbled and grateful. (The tale is documented here.)

Growing up in a trailer home, I would have never imagined I’d become a Best Selling author. The title I’m most proud of though is Fellow Renegade. Turns out, we can have it all. We just need to define what our ‘all’ is and never fear those double black diamonds.

There’s still much more to be done. Today, let’s enjoy the view from this mountaintop.

Hat tip, #TeamRenegades,




Acknowledgements (pulled straight from the book)

Thank you to my Digital Royalty team. Each and every one of you. What a ride it’s been over the past few years and I thank you for all the lessons, successes, failures and trust in our vision. We are more than co-workers. We’re friends, family, teachers and students to each other. Your passion for what we’re doing together is unmatched and it’s what fuels the future. #KeepItRoyal

Huge props to Chad Martin, my renegade partner in crime. I could write another book about the gratitude I have toward you. The unconditional support has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given. We will miss you but you’re always a part of the team.

Alana Golob and Jessica Smith, our group texts make my day more enjoyable. We’ve proven laughter can fix any situation and I’m forever grateful for our rock-solid connection. Alana, our value exchange has always been something else. Watching your personal and professional growth over the past few years will always be one of my favorite memories from this past chapter. Jess, my fearless life managing director. I value your ability to remember my address when I do not and the millions of other things you do for me on a daily basis, with a smile on your face.

Tony Hsieh, thank you for always asking me ‘why’. You friendship, mentorship and now business partnership has been a blessing. A wise man once told me, “If we can fix the cities, we can fix the world”. Let’s do this. Viva Las Vegas.

Baron Davis, your endless kindness is your greatest asset. Thank you for sharing it with me. The friendship and now partnership we have are incredibly special. We’ve been talking about doing something together for years! It’s just a testament to our resilience and persistence. Just imagine . . .

Thank you, Shaquille, for all those tall lessons including the power of remaining grounded. Our long lasting friendship is treasured and you’ll always be The Big Social Media Center to me. I’ll never forget when you called me and said in your renegade voice, “Never defend yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”

Thank you, DJ. Never imagined a guy that goes by ‘The Rock’ would understand me like you do. Your motivation inspires and pushes me a little further than I think I can go each and every day. Clear big picture thinking, poise under duress and knowing when not to force something out of sheer will are just a few assets you’ve added to my tool belt. I’m grateful.

If there were a ‘King of Renegades’, it would be Dana White. I learned more from you than you’ll ever know. As real as it gets.  And to all the rad clients and partners I’ve worked with throughout the years. Thank you for your willingness to experiment and take risks. Your continued fearlessness is celebrated.  I’m humbled by the 1.2 million who have followed and joined this journey via Twitter over the past several years.

I’m not quite sure where I’d be without my life coach, (magic) Mary Maisy-Ireland.  The personal and professional growth spurts that you’ve sparked were day-changers and lifesavers. You should raise your rates!

My renegade book team Kevin Small and Mat Miller must be commended for leading the path and putting up with my rookie author ways. Your talents are unparalleled. Same goes for my core team and Jossey-Bass. Especially Susan, my fearless editor, for believing in this small town girl from Wyoming from the beginning. And granted a few manuscript deadline extensions. Wink.

I want to thank the crew of supporters from my Phoenix Suns days – Steve Nash, Rick Welts, Drew Cloud, Lynn Agnello, Jeramie McPeek, John Walker and Dr. Sutton. A little healthy tension here and there is just a part of the renegade culture. Thank you for the lessons and allowing me to color outside the lines without crossing them.

Elizabeth Loucheur and Heidi Burgett, thank you for traveling the world for ‘work’ and exploring with me. The memories wouldn’t be the same without you and we’ve netted out with friendships that will last a lifetime.

Last but definitely not least, I want to thank my Personal Board of Directors (you know who you are), Jaye Quadrozzi for teaching me the meaning and power of a person’s intent, the three JJ’s and of course my parents. I’m a self-proclaimed handful and you’ve embraced my crazy-factor. I love you.

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