Eight Year Old Ethiopian Entrepreneur

As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut flower-delivery gymnast. At no point did I think about becoming an entrepreneur. In Africa last week, I encountered a true entrepreneur who has literally found his calling at quite a young age. On day one of our journey in Ethiopia my charity: water/Soma crew and I […]

The Do.

          Imagine on your deathbed you were able to see two films of your life: One showed highlights of what you actually achieved. And then the other showed highlights of what you could have achieved with your ability, your talent, the opportunities that came your way etc. It would probably bring […]

Learning What Enough Looks Like

I just returned from a trip to Ethiopia with charity: water and Soma. As I sit down to recap my experience I realize I’m still processing my journey in Africa. I’ve humbly accepted that the processing portion of the experience will be just as intense as the actual experience itself. At times, it was difficult […]

Man in the Mirror – My Trip to Ethiopia

I got my tenth vaccine in three weeks today and I’m packing for my trip to Ethiopia with charity: water and Soma Water to meet the beneficiaries of clean water. More than 800 million people on the planet drink water that’s likely to make them sick. That’s 1 in 9 of us. When I learned […]

Social Media is Not Media, it’s Communication

What does the future of social media look like? As we look at different areas of social that Digital Royalty is involved in like corporate brands, universities, celebrities, and even kids, we realize that social media is not just marketing anymore. Social is a tech game-changer.