November 22, 2019

The Why Not Now? Read A Book Club is back! In this episode, Bryan Danielson & Amy Jo review the New York Times Bestseller that you selected & voted on, “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi. It’s a non-fiction true story that left both Bryan & Amy Jo in tears. They talk through Paul’s reflection on his life as a young neurosurgeon who is grappling with the big questions of life as his is coming to an end. They discuss life, death, science, religion & the purpose of life. You know, the small stuff.

If you haven’t read the book, not a big deal. This is still a really valuable discussion.

At the end of the show, Bryan & Amy Jo share their nominations for the next book for the “Why Not Now? Read A Book Club”. The two nominations will be voted upon this upcoming week, so make sure you follow Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan) & Amy Jo (@AmyJoMartin) on Twitter to have your say in which book they read next, and make sure you use the hashtag #WhyNotNowReadABook.

For those of you who are new to the show. Bryan Danielson and Amy Jo launched the Why Not Now Read A Book Club a couple of months ago. They have listeners vote on a book on social media and then they read it together. The hashtag is #WhyNotNowReadABook. We all share our thoughts and photos on social as we’re reading along, because shelfie is the new selfie.

If you’re not familiar with Bryan, he’s a WWE Superstar, a gardener, a lover of planet earth, and he’s on the Total Bellas reality show on E! Yep, he’s the cool cat married to Brie Bella.

Big props to everyone who’s reading along with us!

Follow Bryan on Twitter, and use the #WhyNotNowReadABook hashtag to join the club and have your say about what book we review next.

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