November 22, 2019

Welcome to the world, baby Renegade! In true Renegade form, my son Lincoln Gray, decided to make his debut during a layover, while I was traveling alone, in Denver at 27 weeks. He came racing down the runway and into this world at a strapping 2 pounds, 3 oz. Lincoln delivered in the most natural (emergency) birth situation imaginable.

Currently, he is doing very well for a micro-preemie. He’ll be chillin’ in the NICU for the next several months.

This episode shares the story and journey of the most difficult and horrifying, yet joyful, weeks I’ve ever experienced. It shook us to our core. And it’s been perfect. My husband and I created a few “rules of engagement” on the fly in order to get us through. We don’t claim to have fully processed this situation or have any “lessons” yet I share what is working for us during an extremely challenging time. We are taking things one hour at a time.

Lincoln is being cared for & doted on by one of the most incredible NICU expert teams & operations in the Nation at UCHealth. We couldn’t be in a better place. A few days prior to my pre-term labor, we were snowed in via a blizzard in the forest with closed roads. You can follow Lincoln’s progress on social media via #BabyLincolnLogs. Thank you to everyone who has sent positive energy and love our way. We have received them and they’re working!

Welcome earth-side, Renegade Lincoln Gray!

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