November 22, 2019

More than 27% of the internet is powered by Matt Mullenweg’s creation. Matt is the Founder and CEO of Automatic, the parent company of WordPress. At age 33, he’s a tech powerhouse yet he remains humble and willing to share his learnings along his journey. In this episode Matt shares takeaways from growing his company, tips on when to consider raising money and the filters questions he uses when making various business decisions.

Show Notes:

  • Matt shares a Why Not Now? moment that became a defining point in the growth of his company.
  • What questions to ask yourself if you’re considering fundraising for your company and taking on investors.
  • How Matt chooses his business partners.
  • Matt shares something he does in effort to lead a more efficient and effective day.
  • How Matt keeps his mind healthy.
  • What is Matt reading?
  • What keeps Matt up at night?
  • Pirates or Ninjas, who’s tougher in Matt’s opinion?
  • What advice Matt would give to his younger self.
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