November 22, 2019

Virginia Grohl, mom of Foo Fighters rockstar Dave Grohl, wrote a book titled From Cradle to Stage. She met with the moms of many rockstars and gathered stories about Dave Matthews, Zac Brown, Amy Winehouse, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Mike D (the Beastie Boys), Kelly Clarkson and the list goes on. What Virginia Grohl uncovered after speaking with all of these rock moms is fascinating.

In this episode Virginia tells us what Dave Grohl was like as a child and the challenges that can come with having highly creative and energetic kids. Virginia, who’s a retired school teacher, shares her thoughts about our education system and also what parents can do when they have a child with explosive energy on their hands.

You’ll find that Virginia is a kick! She’s been know to travel on the tour bus with the rockstars and even crack a beer with them backstage. She’s seen and done a great deal and she’s not stopping.

Virginia’s book is available on Amazon.

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