February 13, 2020

Role Description 

This Renegade will orchestrate and manage all aspects of Amy Jo’s brand online. They will manage, implement and measure the impact of all Amy Jo’s communication channels. The Renegade will also serve as the liaison between Amy Jo’s personal brand and all of her business segments and initiatives. The goal is to create one cohesive presence with Amy Jo’s brand as the hub in the center that leverages, cross-promotes and elevates all spokes on the wheel (Renegade Brand Bootcamp, Why Not Now? Podcast, Speaking, upcoming Book, philanthropic efforts and other various initiatives, etc). This will be done by further sharing the “Who and the Why” behind Amy Jo which will foster true connection and engagement. This is a remote role, with some travel and in-person meetings required. 


Key Elements 

  • Social media – content creation, curation, community engagement and management for all channels and business verticals. (Insta, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter).
  • Copywriting/editing/writing for all of Amy Jo’s online outlets.
  • Social Media Advertising. 
  • Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing & Growth –  multiple targeted lists within CRM.
  • Website integrations.
  • PR/Media Outreach and Pitching (podcasts, publications, etc.).
  • Manage Marketing Partnerships (Sponsorships). 


Areas of Focus and Expertise Required:

  • Sales and Email Funnels/Drip Campaigns.
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution.
  • Copywriting.
  • Content Strategy & Creation.
  • Community Engagement and Management.
  • Social Analytics/Metrics Analysis.
  • Project Management & Workflow Development.
  • Proven Experience working with Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships.


Core responsibilities include:

  • Work directly with Amy Jo to create and execute sales, marketing and promotional strategies across all business verticals. 
  • Facilitate engagement, manage and maintain the Renegade Brand Bootcamp community.
  • Construct a social media calendar covering all the key social channels and select the best tools to implement, as well as curate and create all relevant content. 
  • Conceive and present new ideas for raising awareness of Amy Jo’s mission.
  • Work with 3rd parties/freelancers to help create impactful pieces of shareable content.



  • You believe in Amy Jo’s mission and the work she is doing. You care deeply about the acceleration of Women in Leadership and Business. You also care about metrics and telling a powerful story in alignment with Amy Jo and what she stands for.
  • You are a team player and understand you’re taking on a role within a small team that has a big vision.
  • You’re open to lending a hand when needed and going above and beyond to make the organization successful.
  • You bring passion to all you do. You’re known for giving all you’ve got and doing it with an open-mind and positive outlook.
  • You are always current. You stay up to date on all the latest social networks and blogs. You know what works, what’s trending, and what’s about to break.
  • You are a fast learner. We’re evolving everyday and pivoting as needed. We need someone who can quickly adapt and continue maximizing opportunities to ensure we’re providing the best experience for our community.
  • Minimum 5 years experience.
  • You are proficient with all the major social media platforms and social media reporting, analytics, content aggregation, content creation and scheduling tools.
  • You have excellent communication skills and engage with our audience with authenticity and passion.
  • You are a well-organized self starter who is detail oriented.
  • You are proficient in all Mac programs and project management software like Slack, Google Drive, Asana, Monday etc. 
  • Experience with executing social partnerships with other entities/brands.
  • Experience with placing social ads.
  • Experience with WordPress and Showit.
  • Knowledge of social media integration with CRM.



An initial 3-month contract as a subcontractor, with the intention of a transition to a full-time position pending performance and alignment. Subcontractor will invoice monthly.


How To Apply

Send your resume, and anything else you feel relevant (get creative…we dare you) to renegades@amyjomartin.com.

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