March 10, 2012

(Since the time of this post, my ‘Ready, Set, Pause’ concept has been shared in Forbes where Andy Ellwood shares other angles on the Science of Hustle and staying sharp. Good read.)

Things are busy. For everyone. Sometimes our pace tends to flirt with near recklessness. On Wednesday, I told my life managing director (magical assistant) that I couldn’t have anything else added to my calendar for that day.  A healthy load of 15 meetings and a business dinner was scheduled. Plus, I’ve been traveling a ton. Next thing I know, I see another meeting request pop up in my email in-box. Seriously? Deep breathes.

The meeting request was titled: “Ready, Set, Pause . . . “

Little did I know that Alana and Jess had a behind-the-scheduling-scenes scheme going on to help me out. They scheduled a brilliant eight-minute reprieve to reset, refocus and relax. Side note, these two also happen to sit on my personal board of directors along with mentors, life coach, a few family members and a few other trusted friends. This means they’ve got my back. And not only that, they have my best interest in mind and help me stay in-check with my integrity.

How did this experiment net out? The value in taking this eight-minute meeting was unbelievable. The return was unmatched. I put my headphones on and listened to two mood-matching, yet altering, tunes from my “Innovate Your Life” Spotify playlist. (Created by Alana.) I now find it’s irresponsible for me to miss a “Ready, Set, Pause” meeting with myself. We’ve made it reoccur daily in my calendar and it’s a priority.  Sometimes we have to shift the meeting but there’s always time to reschedule for that day. Eight spare minutes can be found in the day. If not, two four-minute sessions works well too.

If I don’t have my Ready, Set, Pause meetings (along with ample sleep and a daily, outdoor workout) I run the risk of annoying myself and everyone around me. Not good.

Lucy Danziger and I were having a discussion this week about busy schedules and time management. She said if there’s nothing on her list of things to do that she wants to remove, she doesn’t. She works around it and finds the time to add in what she WANTS to do. There’s always enough time if you really want to do something. A little less sleep or slight adjustment here and there usually does the trick. Boom. You have a solution or you learn to adjust. The point is, you have control.

The concept of taking a quick break to reset is pretty archaic. We all know about this. Nothing new here. But are we practicing it? Practice leads to progress and what gets practiced becomes habit. It’s one simple, quick way to innovate our day. And how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. That said, this eight-minute daily allocation pretty much amounts to innovating our entire lives. Those Personal Board of Directors are invaluable. More to come on that subject soon . . .

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