August 29, 2011

This post is part of Amy Jo Martin’s monthly contributions to the Harvard Business Review Insight Center Marketing That Works.

Three years ago, I developed “Random Acts of Shaqness” — Twitter stunts designed to help Shaquille O’Neal bridge the virtual and physical worlds by, for example by posing like a statue in Harvard Square so fans could take pictures with him. Shaq wanted to surprise and delight his fans, to connect with them and make smiles scalable. No doubt this was a brand play at the time, and one that worked. Random Acts of Shaqness has been wildly popular and helped change the nature of O’Neal’s endorsement deals to include social media.

Recently, though, I had a revelation about the formula responsible for making RAoS successful: It can bring more than just smiles. It can be the technology that scales good deeds to the global level. It has already started.

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