February 21, 2021

Amy Stanton & Amy Jo Martin explain everything you need to know about the new social media app, Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a drop-in audio only platform that can be described as part podcast, part zoom call, and part house party. It can be very confusing at first and you can quickly find yourself lost on the platform, but luckily we have Amy Stanton to be our guide.

Amy has been called “The Queen of Clubhouse”, and for good reason. She has learned more about the platform than most and is sharing everything she knows with us. She walks through creating your profile, finding people to follow, finding rooms and clubs that fit your interests, as well as starting your own clubs.

Amy also shares a few of her personal experiences using Clubhouse, from joining a room with Elon Musk, to hosting Katie Couric’s welcome party, and the most random room she’s experienced yet.

This may sound overwhelming and foreign but after listening to this conversation things will start to make sense and you’ll find yourself navigating the halls of Clubhouse in no time!

Follow both Amy and Amy Jo on clubhouse @AmyKStanton & @AmyJoMartin.

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