August 3, 2021

Angie Banicki is a tarot card reader to the stars. Her client list includes celebrities, politicians, entertainment industry executives, and CEOs of major corporations, some of whom she has guided to close multi-million dollar deals.

But Angie’s client list wasn’t always filled with such high-profile individuals. Her Why Not Now? moment involves leaving her PR job in order to pursue tarot card reading. She didn’t know how she was going to pay her bills, but she knew that this career path was made for her.

At first, Angie didn’t feel comfortable charging high prices for her intuitive services. She didn’t even want to promote her services because she was scared they wouldn’t be worth it to her clients. On this episode of Why Not Now?, Angie tells Amy Jo about her journey to owning her worth, slowly raising her prices and promoting her genius in the process.

Angie tells Amy Jo that the connections she made as a PR representative eventually turned into client leads, proving your experience and connections are always beneficial, even in the midst of a career-180.

Angie and Amy Jo talk about motherhood, listening to your inner soul, shifting your mindset, and showing up for yourself. Angie says that self awareness is the first step in changing anyone’s life.

Angie also performs a live tarot card reading for Amy Jo, and it’s very telling for where Amy Jo is in her life and business.


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