You know that thing you’ve been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? This show has been created because I believe the world will be a better place if more people ask themselves, “Why Not Now?” Each episode you’ll hear from a professional Why Notter and learn how they answered the question and took action so you can too.

Chris Guillebeau has traveled to every country on this planet by applying his art of travel hacking. He’s an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author. His most recent book is called Side Hustle and he hosts The Side Hustle School podcast as well.

In this episode, we talk about Chris’s unique approach to travel. He is a proven voice of authority on travel so his tips are legit. Chris also worked the entire time while visiting the 193 countries and he shares how he managed to do that. He talks about what to do when you have a Why Not Now? idea that keeps popping up in your head. It’s resurfacing for a reason, so take note and take action. He explains how. Lastly, we talk about the difference between being productive in a job vs. happy and fulfilled in a job. Two different things!

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