You know that thing you’ve been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? This show has been created because I believe the world will be a better place if more people ask themselves, “Why Not Now?” Each episode you’ll hear from a professional Why Notter and learn how they answered the question and took action so you can too.

What do you get when you combine a professional wrestler who loves to read, and me who knows nothing about wrestling, but also loves to read? You get the Why Not Now? Read a Book Club. Several episodes back, Bryan Danielson was on the show and he mentioned that he reads a book a week. Well, I jokingly suggested starting a book club and we’ve done it. The first book that we review in this episode is Factfulness by Hans Rosling: 10 Reasons Why We’re Wrong About the World and Why Things are Better Than You Think.

I love how books can build bridges so you don’t have to have read this first book in order to get value from this conversation. We basically give you the cliff notes.

Follow Bryan on Twitter, and use the #WhyNotNowReadABook hashtag to join the club and have your say about what book we review next.



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