March 7, 2021

Leah Walters is the Head of Communications at

In this episode, Leah and Amy Jo discuss how moving from New York to Tel Aviv, Israel led Leah to her Why Not Now? moment. She found herself having an identity crisis once she got to Tel Aviv, and wasn’t sure how to fully take advantage of the experience. Without any previous experience, she began applying for jobs in the tech start up industry which presented her with 3 very different options. One of those options would change the trajectory of her life and identity.

Leah and Amy Jo also talk about the impact a company’s culture can have on its consumers. Leah shares how much she enjoys the impact can have on people’s lives. In addition to added organization, she says the company’s positive culture rubs off on‘s users.

Leah shares the journey of starting her family. She was a one-woman show and finding someone that could fill her roll while she was on maternity leave was a difficult task. You’ll get to hear the story of how she navigated this journey and what happened on the day she went into labor.

Leah also shares productivity tips (apart from and some advice she would give her younger self.

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