You know that thing you’ve been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? This show has been created because I believe the world will be a better place if more people ask themselves, “Why Not Now?” Each episode you’ll hear from a professional Why Notter and learn how they answered the question and took action so you can too.

Michelle Poler is a professional Fear Facer. But she hasn’t always been. From the time she was a little girl, Michelle Poler was afraid of the world. She was scared of dogs, dreaded doctor’s appointments and even missed dinner parties if she had to drive at night. It all changed when she moved to New York and launched a project called 100 days without fear.
In this episode, we talk through the crazy fears she tackled and Michelle shares her learnings about fear. Now Michelle Poler is the founder of Hello Fears and she speaks to all types of audiences about her findings. Encouraging the world to Fear less and do more.
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