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You know that thing you’ve been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? This show has been created because I believe the world will be a better place if more people ask themselves, “Why Not Now?” Each episode you’ll hear from a professional Why Notter and learn how they answered the question and took action so you can too.

Well known for his famous Supersize Me documentary, Morgan Spurlock is a talented writer, director and producer – an award-winning storyteller.


Show Notes:

  • Morgan’s Why Not Now? moment involves drinking at a bar with an investor who wrote him a $250k check that he put in his sock.
  • Morgan shares his favorite hangover cure.
  • How we can create empathy through storytelling.
  • Morgan shares how marching and protests can be more impactful through.
  • The power of “showing your scars”.
  • Morgan shares advice for anyone who wants to become a film-maker and they’re ready to take the first step.
  • We discuss the current media environment and mix of distribution outlets.
  • How Morgan keeps his mind healthy.
  • The benefits of having walking meetings.
  • Morgan’s shares his current Why Not Now? (Personal and professional).

Rapid Fire Round:

  • Morgan’s all-time favorite book & what he’s reading now.
  • What keeps Morgan up at night?
  • Pirates or Ninjas? Who’s tougher in Morgan’s opinion.
  • What advice would Morgan give to his younger self?
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Thank you for the groovy show tunes Rock Salt Music and John Coggins!


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