June 12, 2021

Rachel Drori was gainfully employed and pregnant when she had the idea for Daily Harvest. She says she had all the reasons not to start the company, but knew the perfect “right time” would never come.

Beside saying “Why Not Now?” to her idea, Rachel shares the more tactical strategies she used to measure whether she was ready to start her company. She identified the worst possible case scenario that could come out of this journey (one of Amy Jo’s five Renegade Rules!) and realized it was worth taking the risk. When Rachel’s customer base was 5x the size of her inner circle, she knew it was time to go all in on Daily Harvest.

Rachel shares so many tangible tips for entrepreneurs on this episode of Why Not Now? She says she learned more from starting a company than she did during the two years of her MBA program!

Rachel also tells Amy Jo about the responsibility she feels toward her customers and her employees, the pros and cons of raising money from investors when starting a business, and investing in female founders.

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