June 26, 2021

Scott is one of the most successful and decorated sports executives out there. He’s currently the CEO of Philadelphia 76’ers, New Jersey Devils, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and the author of the book Be Where Your Feet Are. On this episode of Why Not Now?, Scott recounts his complicated feelings following the loss of one of his closest friends to suicide, and how this emotional event inspired him to write the book.

Scott O’Neil has been through extreme ups and downs in his life, but finds joy in the struggle, connections, and lessons learned along the way.

Scott and Amy Jo have an in-depth conversation about mental health and social media’s effects on happiness. One of the main themes in Scott’s book is that isolation is kryptonite. He urges listeners to ask for help during times of struggle and reach out to loved ones to check on them. Scott shares some exercises he uses to help compartmentalize and connect in order to stay truly present.

Scott also tells Amy Jo about getting fired from his dream job. Because he was no longer consumed with work, Scott says the vacation he took with his family following this was one of the best trips he’s ever taken. Scott also talks about his failed startup, losing 15 million dollars, and making 200 phone calls in a few days in order to land a job at the NBA.

Scott and Amy Jo also talk about underestimating what you can accomplish in a year when you have a vision and starting small in order to get into investing.

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