May 1, 2021

Heather Ouida, Laura Deutsch, Rebecca Dixon, and Verta Maloney founded the*gameHERs to give women who game a place to connect. Not one, but all four of the co-founders join Amy Jo on the show this week!

Heather, Laura, Rebecca, and Verta created the*gameHERs because, when they Googled a community for female gamers, nothing came up. They saw a need in the gaming space to amplify women. Almost half of gamers identify as women, but the speaking panels at most gaming conventions are dominated by men.

The co-founders tell Amy Jo they’re passionate about creating an inclusive space in gaming and business, as it’s so important that traditionally marginalized communities are represented in spaces where there is profit to be made. Heather, Laura, Rebecca, and Verta realized their work goes deeper than a service that makes life a little easier. the*gameHERs provides a community that has changed people’s lives.

The co-founders also talk about the*gameHERs Awards, lessons they keep learning, the ups and downs of starting a business, and building a company that feels uniquely right to you.

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