Amy Jo Martin is the author of New York Times best-selling book Renegades Write the Rules, and host of the acclaimed Why Not Now? podcast. A small town girl from Wyoming, Amy Jo has lived her life navigating the bridge from dreaming to doing, and she will help you do the same. Whether it’s in a stadium filled with 10,000 people or an intimate workshop setting, Amy Jo equips audiences with the tools; her Renegade Rules, to help them go from idea to action. She has been featured in top media outlets ranging from MSNBC & Fast Company to The New York Times, Vanity Fair & beyond.



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Amy Jo has spoken at conferences and events for Nike, Walt Disney World, Oakley, Harvard Business School, Inc. GrowCo, ESPN, MasterCard, INBOUND, Business Boutique and countless others.




“Amy Jo has changed the game of how business’ and brands approach communication. She’s a masterful strategist, true trail blazer and will continue to be an innovative presence.” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Actor

“Amy Jo Martin is handing us the GPS needed to navigate this new world.” – Rob Palleschi, Global Head of Hilton Worldwide

“Here are the female speakers you should know: Brene Brown, Amy Jo Martin, Chelsea Clinton, Martha Stewart.”  – Talent booker for INBOUND main stage

“Incredible. She made me think about personal branding in a way I had never considered.” – CEO CES Summit

“She crushed!” – Damon Goude, Director of Speaker Relations for Dave Ramsey’s Business Solutions / Christy Wright’s Business Boutique

“By far the best speaker at Business Boutique.” – Attendee at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique

“Hands down the best speaker we’ve had to date.” – Sarah Dickerson-Locke, VP Paragon Marketing

“Amy Jo’s the point guard and I’m the center. She an excellent teammate to have.”  – Shaquille O’Neal, Athlete

“Her stories are incredible and the takeaways are applicable. All the while, she’s so down to earth.”  – The Association for Talent Development




You know that thing you’ve been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? Amy Jo has had more than 100 vulnerable conversations with wildly successful and fascinating people from Tony Robbins to Mark Cuban to Simon Sinek and beyond. She’s helped them dissect the critical moments that have changed their lives. The day, hour or minute when they navigated over the bridge from dreaming to doing. She calls these Why Not Now? moments. Amy Jo has spotted consistent themes and patterns that has led to a formula for tackling your own Why Not Now? Through storytelling and providing literal, tactical step-by-step examples, Amy Jo guides the audience through the process.



Humans connect with humans, not logos. Consumers now expect to connect and engage with brands online, yet there is a hesitancy for many people to truly open up and humanize their personal brands. Who are the faces behind your logo? From the CEO to the accounting manager, everyone in your company is living the brand they represent. Amy Jo talks through the tangible ways you can humanize your brand, and shares personal stories of working with everyone from high-profile leaders to front line employees.



Any time we innovate, adversity follows. Everyone suffers from Innovation Allergies, the excuses that pop up in meetings such as “That’s not the way we’ve always done it” or “What if it doesn’t work?” Amy Jo shares stories and tips on how to evolve your value to your customer and your culture so it doesn’t become extinct. Whether you are an intrepreneur, an entrepreneur living inside corporate walls, or looking to start your own business, Amy Jo talks through ways to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can innovate and thrive.



Work, Family, Self – choose two, you can’t have all three.” That’s what Amy Jo’s female supervisor once told her. That was also the very moment Amy Jo decided to kick open the entrepreneurial door and start her own business. Amy Jo talks about two tangible solutions for increasing the process of women breaking through in business. 1. Get more men involved. As mentors and supporters. 2. Address the unconscious gender bias. This is not just a gender equality issue; it is also about businesses reaching their full potential. Amy Jo shares the data on how having more woman in leadership positions does impact the bottom line and how women can support one another to reach these leadership positions.



At various moments in her career, Amy Jo has diagnosed herself with a purpose problem. She has suffered from a deficit in purpose, which has suffocated her ability to innovate. After learning the hard way that where purpose, passion and skill collide, bliss resides, Amy Jo has made it a priority to help other people navigate finding their own intersection of bliss. This collision point is a moving target for everyone as their passions evolve and purpose shifts. This process can be a slight change to an existing situation or a large shift in direction. Amy Jo shares stories of people, including herself, who have learned to reinvent themselves after many times of falling in and out of bliss.


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