Amy Jo Martin has the proven ability to see the potential in individuals before they see it in themselves and her superpower is getting them to realize their potential and take immediate action. She is one of the world's leading human transformation experts. 

A small town girl from Wyoming, and Renegade known for humanizing brands and reinvention, Amy Jo is the author of New York Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules, Founder & CEO of multiple companies with 8-figure valuations, a keynote speaker, host of the top-ranked Why Not Now? Podcast, an educator, investor and board member with an online following of over 1 million people.

By the end of her time with an audience, whether that be 10,000 people or an intimate group of Fortune 50 executives, Amy Jo has provided the “The Renegade Way”. This is her proprietary mindset, method and set of tools that allow individuals to ask themselves Why Not Now? and go from idea to action as they greenlight their idea during the session. This experience is interactive and it creates instant psychological safety, confidence and community among the audience – true connections that convert and compound over time.

Her interactive method has resulted in audience members unlocking multi-million dollar deals, identifying global marketing campaign messages, expanding their companies internationally, harnessing Artificial Intelligence and avoiding team burnout.

Amy Jo’s clients are reinventing the way they work and saving significant time, money and talent. Her client portfolio includes Dell, Hilton Worldwide, Nike, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Google to name a few. Human transformation is an equal opportunity space. Amy Jo developed “The Renegade Way” for individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and companies of all sizes. 

It’s common to hear Amy Jo say, “Humans connect with humans, not logos, so we must humanize to monetize.” She has done this with some of the biggest brands and personalities on the planet which allows her to bring “edutainment” to the stage by sharing colorful and unbelievable stories while educating. 

Not only a keynote speaker, as a renowned podcast host of more than 300 episodes, Amy Jo also has the unique talent of guiding thought-provoking conversations in front of live audiences as a moderator or panelist, and has done so at events for Apple, CES, FastCompany, SXSW, TechCrunch and many others.

Currently she’s the founder and CEO of Renegade Global, a human transformation company that unlocks positive disruption for both individuals and corporations. Amy Jo is the founder of Renegade Global Ventures, a fund focused on democratizing access to deal flow and the flow of capital by getting more Renegade women seats on the cap table.

Amy Jo believes that the future of technology is the future of humanity, and serves on the board of, and is an investor in, Cercle, an artificial intelligence technology company revolutionizing the IVF process. She has spoken with many groups who are at the intersection of technology and humanity.

Guiding audiences to take action is the career love of Amy Jo’s life and her zest for doing so is contagious.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Amy Jo worked for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns during the wild wild west days of digital and social media – there were no rules or regulations in place so she helped write the rules. She went on to found one of the first ever digital agencies, Digital Royalty, and pioneered personal branding online as we know it today.

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“Amy Jo has changed the game of how businesses and brands approach communication. She’s a masterful strategist, true trailblazer continues to be an innovative presence.” 

– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

actor and entertainer

“Amy Jo Martin is handing us the GPS needed to navigate this new world.” 

– Rob Palleschi

global head, DoubleTree by Hilton

“Here are the female speakers you should know: Brene Brown, Amy Jo Martin, Chelsea Clinton, Martha Stewart.” 



“We loved having Amy Jo keynote. She is inspiring, and sets the right attitude and mindset.””

- LIndsey ueberroth

ceo, Preferred hotels & resorts

“Amy Jo absolutely crushed it. We couldn’t have asked for a better event.” 


Senior Vice President at World Wide Technology

““Epic! Amy Jo’s content will be a foundation for how we talk to and challenge each other from now on."

– michelle egan

Executive Vice President of Powerhouse Retail Services

“Amy Jo was exactly what we needed to not only inspire but also motivate our teams to take action." 


Marriott International VP of Field Marketing US and Canada

“Amy Jo’s the point guard and I’m the center. She an excellent teammate to have.” 

– Shaquille O’Neal


“Her stories are incredible and the takeaways are applicable. All the while, she’s so down to earth.” 

- The Association for Talent Development

Speaking Topics

renegades write the rules

Humans connect with humans, not logos. Amy Jo has taught some of the most iconic brands and celebrities on the planet how to grow and monetize their online presence. In this interactive session, Amy Jo’s audience learns how to humanize their personal brand in order to monetize their online presence and grow their impact and income, whether that be a Fortune 50 Client, a Startup, and everything in between.

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When employees, business owners, corporations and leaders are given the permission and tools to execute on their ideas, the results can be game changing. In this interactive session, Amy Jo’s audience learns how to go from idea to action. Amy Jo provides the tools and Renegade mindset to green light their "Why Not Now?” ideas in real time, often before they leave the room. 


Fortune 500 brands are adopting Amy Jo's Renegade Mentality to help their employees embrace the onset of AI as an opportunity versus resist AI as a threat. In this interactive session, Amy Jo’s audience learns how the Renegade mindset allows companies to go on offense with Change Leadership versus defense with Change Management. Amy Jo shares her clinical research study results about the spread of serotonin relative to technology advancements.

As Amy Jo guides her audience through identifying and taking action on their "Why Not Now?" ideas specific to technology and AI, she provides the tactical tools for individuals to navigate the healthy situational stress of the unknown and go from idea to action. This is the very process and practice that stretches individuals and unlocks potential in their genetic code.

Personal Branding, Marketing, Sales & Human Transformation

Growth Mindset, Leadership, Reinvention, Motivation & Team Transformation

Artificial Intelligence, Change Leadership, Business Transformation & Technology