Vision vs. Sight

            During a recent formal (wink) board meeting, I encountered a moment I’ll never forget. Each month, I meet with my Board of Directors. We’ve never met at a boardroom table or even in an office. These monthly board meetings are conducted at a local bar, over dinner or during […]

TEDx Talk: The Renegade Factor

So much focus is applied to gender inequality. Instead, I suggest we focus on the common denominators among certain women that allow them to experience hockey stick growth in their careers, and better yet, their lives. Together, we can identify how some women have been able to soar and what other women need to know in […]

Fail Early and Often (then celebrate)

By: Amy Jo Martin I’ve become a professional student of failure. I figure the better students of failure we become, the more successful we’ll become. Here are a few notes I’ve taken while getting schooled: Failure is not a stigma; it’s a badge of honor. I recently had the opportunity to list to Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist […]

My First 365 Days in Las Vegas

I’ve sat down to write this post a few times. For someone who’s written a 55k+ word book, you’d think I’d be able to easily write a simple blog post about where I live. Nope. What I’m about to explain is complicated and difficult to put into words. Here goes . . . A year […]

Step Back to Lead Forward

While reading The Pause Principle by Kevin Cashman, I came across the message below. Wise words from an anonymous 74-year old chairman of a public company: “Early in our careers we use our drive, energy and ambition to propel us through the ranks. We make things happen. However, as we advance, and if we’re self-aware, […]