August 21, 2023

Joy Hunting


Alexis Jones lives at an intersection few entrepreneurs journey to – the crossroads of entertainment and activism. As a three time founder, executive producer, author, activist, and former Survivor contestant, Alexis’ journey to discovering alignment and joy has been anything but boring – or linear.

In the candid interview, Alexis recounts her bold journey of upending the status quo and navigating through the initial panic of reinvention. Discover the pivotal catalyst that guided her to prioritize intuitive guidance over rigid logic, driving her from a comfortable life in Texas to a bold new chapter in the breathtaking landscapes of Montana.

Amy Jo and Alexis dive deep into core themes from Alexis’ latest book “Joy Hunter,” including the significance of crafting your own exceptional life story and her belief that adventure breathes life into the soul. The duo explore how joy operates as the gatekeeper to resilience, inspiration, health, and innovation, providing insights poised to alter the course of your life’s journey.

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