September 4, 2023

Scaling to $100M+ with Humility

Brittany Hiller is the COO of Renegade and the complementary Yin to Amy Jo’s Yang. Britt embodies a fusion of razor-sharp legal acumen with entrepreneurial artistry. Discover how Britt’s journey took an unexpected turn from attorney to CMO, and how her remarkable results led to her taking the reins as CEO, leading the organization in 200+% topline growth in 2.5 years and a nine-figure exit, all before the age of 32. 


In this episode, Amy Jo delves into the synergy between her distinct skill set and that of Britt’s, highlighting how they seamlessly intertwine to amplify each other’s strengths. Britt goes on to unveil her ‘secret sauce’—a set of leadership strategies she employs to enhance connectivity, foster a robust team dynamic, and drive not only her own achievements but also elevate the organizations she engages with to remarkable success.


In a candid conversation, Britt delves into her journey of navigating the landscape as a young female CEO, shedding light on the stark discrepancies in treatment and questioning she faced compared to her male counterparts. Discover how Britt not only harnessed the power of numbers to silence skeptics but also strategically wielded data as a shield against naysayers.

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