November 27, 2023

Teen Entrepreneur to Change maker

In this compelling podcast episode, host Amy Jo engages in an on stage conversation with Nadya Okamoto, a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial world. Nadya, Founder & CEO of August, a sustainable tampon and pad company, has not only pioneered eco-friendly menstruation products but also led the charge against period poverty through her non-profit organization, PERIOD, all at the age of 25. 

They explore Nadya’s remarkable journey, beginning with her entrepreneurial spirit kindled in childhood. They tackle the delicate topics of mental health struggles and being disowned, offering valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Nadya shares her experiences finding community on social media, where she has over 4 million followers, and how it inspired her to create lasting change.

This episode dives into Nadya’s unique ability to stay grounded and humble amidst her significant accomplishments, including founding multiple companies. Hear about her discovery of her superpower and how it propelled her to start August, revolutionizing the menstrual product industry while making an impact.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation on youth-led entrepreneurship, authenticity in the digital age, and the power of impactful initiatives. Discover how one person’s determination can create lasting change in the world. 


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