November 22, 2019

Suzy Batiz is the wealthiest person I know. When I say wealthy, I don’t just mean money. Yes, she’s got plenty of that, but I mean spiritually wealthy & rich in energy. Suzy is also my mentor. In this episode, Suzy & I discuss mentorship, how to approach finding a mentor & I share the key things she has taught me over the last two years, including why a mentor will rarely give you answers & how you can learn to mentor yourself. Suzy’s mentorship has literally changed the way I approach business and life.

Suzy debuted on the Why Not Now? podcast back in Episode 28 and that episode is still hugely valuable today. Suzy Batiz, founder and creator of Poo Pourri, declared bankruptcy twice before the age of 40 and vowed to never deal with business again. Since then she has built Poo Pourri into a $300(plus) million dollar company, and is launching another game changing brand on October 23rd, 2018 called, supernatural.

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