November 22, 2019

Shannon Lee, daughter of global icon Bruce Lee, is responsible for managing her father’s legacy. No pressure. She is innovating the lens we use to understand Bruce Lee and his philosophies. Many people know Bruce Lee as the Hollywood star and kung-fu fighting martial artist and Shannon is shedding light on his strong relevance beyond entertainment and martial arts. Shannon is a mom, CEO, entrepreneur, singer, writer and former actress.
Show Notes:
  • We talk through Shannon’s Why Not Now moment, when her mom asked her if she wanted to manage her dad’s legacy.
  • If Shannon could ask her dad or tell her dad one more thing. What would that be?
  • The huge challenge Shannon faced at the very beginning of her role in managing her dad’s brand.
  • Shannon’s favorite Bruce Lee quote
  • How does the Bruce Lee philosophy apply to entrepreneurs?
  • Shannon talks about harmonious individuality.
  • Shannon’s new Why Not Now? (I’ve been so excited about this!)

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