November 15, 2019

He’s one of the most accomplished sports business execs. Scott O’Neil is the CEO of the NHL’s NJ Devils, NBA’s Philadelphia 76’ers AND the Prudential Center. (Yes, all three at the same time.) He’s spent time as the President of Madison Square Garden and SVP at the National Basketball Association. I met Scott while working in the NBA and I’ve always been drawn to his contagious energy and unique leadership style. In this episode, we discuss everything from leadership to company culture to the secret of life – just to name a few of many topics.

Show Notes:

  • Scott’s Why Not Now? moment happened when he left Madison Square Garden and added a new filter to how he evaluates opportunities on his career path.
  • How Scott continues to grow company revenue despite the team’s performance on the court and/or ice.
  • Scott’s unique formula for company culture. His goal is to create the greatest place to work in the world.
  • How Scott motivates his employees (the majority are millennials).
  • As a leader, Scott talks about how he manages standing up for what he believes while not falling down the slippery slope of the polarizing political rhetoric. He also shares how he empowers his staff to stand up for what they believe.
  • A large percentage of Scott’s leadership team are women. Scott shares his approach to empowering women.
  • Scott shares his experience attending Harvard (also he has delivered a commencement speech!)
  • Tips for running a great meeting.
  • Scott reveals the secret to life. (NBD)
  • How Scott keeps his mind healthy.
  • Scott’s current Why Not Now?
  • Pirates or Ninjas, who is tougher according to Scott?
  • What keeps Scott up at night?
  • What advice Scott would give to his younger self?
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