September 25, 2023

Main Character Energy

Get to know the REAL person behind the personality. Matthew McConaughey has depth and shares things in this episode that we’ve never heard before. We all know him from the big screen, but this wide-ranging conversation takes unexpected turns and give us a glimpse into his life behind the scenes. You’ll hear the Matthew behind the @officiallymcconaughey.

Matthew is an Academy Award winning Actor, Producer and College Professor. In this episode he shares amazing stories, tactical insights and lessons hes learned along the way. This conversation goes from comical to philosophical to heartwarming and hilarious. Matthew’s 10 year old daughter, Vida, even makes a cameo to give her Dad some constructive criticism.

Matthew and Amy Jo also discuss his book “Greenlights” and explore his vision for the future. Matthew sheds light on how he sees the current role he’s playing as being the ultimate script and the only character he is interested in portraying at the moment. There is a lesson in that for all of us.


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