November 6, 2023

Reinventing Health and Wellness 

Matt Lombardi, former professional athlete and Co-Founder of Beam, joins Amy Jo for a heartfelt conversation covering inspiration, heartbreak, mental health and everything in between. Beam crafts functional wellness products designed to enhance sleep, calm, energy, recovery, and hydration, reshaping the landscape of health and wellness.

Amy Jo and Matt dive deep into the essence of Matt’s remarkable journey. They explore the inseparable relationship between risk and reward, shedding light on the sacrifices made on the path to entrepreneurial success. Matt shares how his background in sports honed his entrepreneurial instincts and the unyielding mindset that propelled him forward, even in the face of personal tragedy.

The conversation takes an emotional turn as Matt opens up about the loss of his father and how that experience became a driving force for his inspiration. He gives valuable tips on maintaining focus, prioritizing health, and combating imposter syndrome.

By the end of this powerful episode, Amy Jo found herself moved to tears, a testament to the depth of the conversation and the inspiring wisdom shared.

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