April 2, 2019

You can use this quick method anywhere, anytime to deal with any situation – big or small.

You need 4 different colors of sticky notes.

Step 1: Choose one sticky note (color 1) and write your Goal, Opportunity or Idea. (Note: It could be disguised as a current Problem.)

Step 2: Directly below the first sticky note, write (on color 1) WHY you want to pursue the Goal, Opportunity or Idea.

Step 3: Still using color 1, directly to the right of the step 2 sticky note, write down what happens if you don’t pursue this Goal, Opportunity or Idea. Specifically, what will happen? This is the top of your pyramid.

Step 4: Below step 2 & 3 and to the left, using color 2, write the VERY first micro action you need to do in order to make progress toward your Goal, Opportunity or Idea. Add a deadline of when this must happen. Ideally the deadline is today.

Step 5: Below Step 4, using color 2, write down what your 2nd action needs to be, place it under action 1.  Each step gets it’s own sticky note & has a deadline. Action 2 goes under action 1. Action 3 goes under action 2, etc. Write down a total of 5 actions.

Step 6: Using Color 3, write down 1 person who can help you with accomplishing your Goal, Opportunity or Idea. Place this to the right of Step 4 (your first action step). Below this person’s name, using color 3, write the name of another person who can help you. List at least 3 different people in total.

Step 7: Using color 4, write down one thing that has to be true for this Goal, Opportunity or Idea to be completed? (Prompt Q’s: What does it look like completed? How do I feel when it’s completed?) Using color 4, under the stick note you just wrote on, write another thing that must be true when this is done. List at least 5 things in total.

Talk yourself through what you just wrote down starting with color 1 through 4. Add or shift sticky notes. Take a photo of your strategy. Take action on micro-action 1 right then & there. Reach out to the 3 people who you’d like to help you, right then & there. (Text, email, etc)

Get started, gain momentum, identify help & visualize outcome. Let me know how it goes!

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