January 29, 2014

So much focus is applied to gender inequality. Instead, I suggest we focus on the common denominators among certain women that allow them to experience hockey stick growth in their careers, and better yet, their lives. Together, we can identify how some women have been able to soar and what other women need to know in order to replicate the formula. The Renegade Factor.

Identifying the consistent ingredients that women need to have in order to exceed the baselines that have been established will allow us to replicate the formula, implement it into our society and schools and accelerate the process of women breaking through.

The rise of women is not the downfall of men. Absolutely not. However, women are one of the most valuable resources in the world yet a large majority of these resources aren’t being applied toward discovering solutions and overcoming challenges. This isn’t about doing “good”; it’s about evolving as a society. It’s about global growth and equal contribution.


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