May 25, 2024

How To “Think Remarkable” With A Growth Mindset

Guy Kawasaki is a bona fide legend. He is an evangelist for innovation, and has been on the front lines of the biggest evolutions in tech; those moments that we’ve all heard about.

In Amy Jo’s mind, Guy is the OG influencer and you’ll hear why.

Guy’s background stretches from his first stint with Apple back in the 80’s all the way through to Canva now. Guy has authored 16 books, the latest of which “Think Remarkable” distills down his own experience, as well as his experience interviewing some of the worlds most interesting people over the years, in order to help you become a remarkable person.

In this episode, Guy gives his take on what Why Not Now? means to him as well as discusses his “Why Not Now?” moment going back to work with Apple in the 90’s. Guy talks through how people make decisions, and how that process changes over time. He also shares the secret to his success (no big deal!) and what it takes for him to get into that mindset.

This conversation is wide ranging to say the least. Guy and Amy Jo discuss AI now and in future, fatherhood, growth mindset, how to navigate healthy tension conversations and the one question you should ask people you disagree with, how to reinvent yourself, your company or your community, defaulting to “YES” and much more.

Guy has a way of sparking curiosity in people that is unmatched, and after listening to this conversation, we hope he sparks something for you to truly become remarkable.

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