In this episode Julia Cheek, founder and CEO of EverlyWell, discusses leaping into innovation, believing in your ideas and filtering criticism, the biggest misconceptions about becoming an entrepreneur and Julia’s time management tips.

If you are trying to decide whether or not you want to make a leap from something that, may not be a bad situation but isn’t your life’s work, Julia’s experience and insights will be invaluable for you. Julia talks about being in that situation and having to untangle and figure navigating that leap, all the while ignoring the naysayers. 

Julia talks about the fact that she wouldn’t be where she is now if she had listened to anyone. She has learned how to filter criticism and who she listens to. Julia has now raised over $5 Million in venture capital, which is something very few female entrepreneurs have done, and is innovating the healthcare industry. 

Her vision is to make healthcare services like lab testing more accessible and she’s democratizing this industry by making it more simple and meaningful for consumers.

Follow Julia Cheek on Twitter and learn more about EverlyWell here.

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