July 27, 2022

Rebranding The Workplace

Liz Matthews is the Senior Vice President of Global Brand, Creative and Experiential Marketing at Dell Technologies. She oversee’s all brand at Dell, which is a 100 billion dollar company. Liz has around 700 people who report up to her. Her leadership style is unmatched. It has to be.

In this episode, recorded live at the 2022 Cannes Lions Festival in France, Amy Jo and Liz discuss what it means to be a leader today. They explore what teams need now versus what they may have needed in a leader a few years ago. You’ll learn the two traits that drive the highest engagement within teams at Dell, and how Liz is encouraging her people leaders to show up at work as their full selves by focusing on the whole person, not just the work persona.

Liz talks through the future of work and what she’d like to see more of in this work from anywhere age. You’ll also learn why confidence and physiological safety are needed in order to experiment and drive innovation in the workplace. When people don’t feel safe, they don’t take risks and innovation cannot happen.

Lastly, Liz shares her experience in the Renegade Accelerator as well as her teams experience in the Renegade Corporate Accelerator. She explains that retention was at the forefront of her choice to bring the program into Dell.

The takeaways from this conversation are relevant to everyone, not just corporate employees or people leaders. Whether you are an entrepreneur, active in your company or even a parent, you are a leader.

A big thanks to Teads for hosting Amy Jo and Liz in Cannes on the Teads Yacht.

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