February 7, 2022

From Shook to Unshakable

Matt Lombardi is a former Professional Athlete and the Co-Founder of Beam, a company that makes functional wellness products to help you reach your potential. It’s quickly disrupting the category with ingredients like nano hemp, nootropics and adaptogens.

Matt goes deep fast, and toward the end of the conversation he has Amy Jo in tears. Matt and Amy Jo cover topics from inspiration to heartbreak and everything in-between, including mental health.

When it comes to being successful in business, Matt believes risk and reward go hand in hand.

He talks about the importance of failing and going through challenging times in order to create something great, whether that be in business or in life, and how understanding that is a key to success.

Matt shares how the death of his Dad taught him to be unshakeable and to keep finding a way to move forward. He discusses how his experience in pro sports helps him find joy in the struggles he encounters on the entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll also hear Matt’s tips on how to maintain focus, prioritize your health and deal with imposter syndrome.


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