February 22, 2022

10 Seconds Of Bravery

Noramay Cadena has a resume many people would envy—she has three degrees from MIT, spent many years at Boeing as an aerospace engineer and is a venture capitalist.

But Noramay has had her fair share of adversity. In this wide-ranging conversation with Amy Jo, she shares powerful advice on how to navigate inflection points in your career.

Noramay shares the importance of muscle memory—doing one hard thing enables you to do another hard thing, and another and so on. She describes how her experience as a teen mom built up her own ability to navigate hard situations in life and business.

Those early experiences also taught her to look at difficult times as an ecosystem of possibilities in which the opportunity ahead of her is expansive, and not diminished by her circumstances.

And she talks through a key Why Not Now? moment. Noramay was approaching burnout and at a crossroads in her career, considering leaving her corporate life for entrepreneurship. For the first time in a long time, she put her own desires to make change first and started a Venture Capital firm. Noramay details the exact 10 seconds of bravery that changed her trajectory forever. Supply Change Capital has since made investments in seven early-stage companies at the intersection of food, culture and tech.

You’ll also learn Noramay’s approach to company culture, called Operational Kindness, and how you can apply it to your day.

Lastly, you’ll hear an exceptional nugget from Noramay where she shares her No. 1 life lesson. It’s too good to spoil.

Noramay is a graduate of the Renegade Accelerator program and a valued member of the Renegade community. You can follow Noramay on social media via @NoramayC


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