March 16, 2024

Why Decision Making is Part Data, Part Instinct

Sandra Campos is a three-time CEO, having led some of the biggest retail and fashion brands in the world. She is also a two-time founder, a member of multiple private and public boards, a contributor on CNBC and an absolute expert on the consumer.

One of the things that stands out most about Sandra is her ability to understand the macro picture of things – whether that be culturally, or when it comes to her personal life.

In this episode, Sandra shares a life changing Why Not Now? moment that has influenced everything she has done since. This moment in time ultimately became the best career move she has ever made. Sandra explains the pivotal events that led her to a crossroads of having to either look for a job in corporate America, or create an entrepreneurial experience that would enable her to forge a balance between career and family. She took a leap of faith, chose the latter, and the rest is history.

Sandra explains how she arrived at making the decision, how that applies to your own decision making process, and why you should think entrepreneurially even if you aren’t an entrepreneur.

You’ll learn what makes Sandra so decisive, how she considers decisions and the tools she uses in her decision making process.

Sandra is someone that doesn’t sit still very often, but she has learned to take the time to appreciate the things in her life. She shares why focusing on what truly matters, being happier and more content will lead to more productivity naturally.

Learn more about Sandra, here.

Watch the full episode on YouTube here.

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