July 14, 2013


While reading The Pause Principle by Kevin Cashman, I came across the message below. Wise words from an anonymous 74-year old chairman of a public company:

“Early in our careers we use our drive, energy and ambition to propel us through the ranks. We make things happen. However, as we advance, and if we’re self-aware, life begins to teach us new lessons – lessons of humility, reliance on others and lessons that the whole . . . the bigger picture . . . is more important than we are. Why? The sheer scale and complexity of responsibilities as well as the consequences to people are too challenging to go it alone. The earlier we learn to view life from this different perspective, the sooner we can line up what’s most important and figure out how to make our best contribution. If we don’t learn these more people-centered, service-driven lessons until later, our path is much harsher. We spend our energies and battles for control, dominance and the self-focus drive required to win rather than invested in meaningful service. Step back often. Reflect and become more aware of yourself, your colleges, and your mission. The earlier you do this in your career the more productive and fulfilling your leadership and your life will be.”

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