June 30, 2013


Today’s the big day! Age is just a percentage of awesomeness, right? I guess that means I’m graduating from 33% to 34% awesome. If you feel like I’ve been spamming you over the past few weeks with all this charity: water #CommonWell campaign talk, let me explain why:

My recent trip to Africa rocked my world to say the least. I’m still processing and absorbing the question, “What does enough look like?” Evidentially, as soon as we know what enough looks like we’re instantly rich.

To help the 800 million people across the globe who don’t have clean water, I’ve donated my birthday to charity: water. At $10k a pop, charity: water is able to dig a well to serve 250 people with clean, drinking water for the rest of their lives. The solution is quite simple. Video here explains more about what it means to have clean water.

Want to join the party? There are (3) ways you can get involved.

  1. If you’re able to participate in the #CommonWell campaign by donating, please do. Imagine if we all donate even $3.40 or $34! Teamwork makes the dream work.
  2. For every #CommonWell hashtag used on Instagram and Twitter, $1 will be donated to our campaign thanks to the Well Diggers shown below who have created a matching pool. So, please hashtag away!
  3. Also, if you’re in Las Vegas today, join our Party with a Purpose. We’re kicking off the event at Commonwealth in downtown Vegas. You’re invited!

Thank you to everyone who has already made this campaign successful. We have raised nearly $10k, which means we get to dig a well for 250 people to have clean drinking water for the rest of their lives. Nice hustle, team #CommonWell.

Well Diggers include: Tony Hsieh – Downtown Project, Shannon Lee – Bruce Lee Legacy, Rehan Choudhry – Life Is Beautiful, Joey Vanas – First Friday Las Vegas, Gio Ott (not yet pictured), Sarah Nisperos – Coterie Downtown and myself.


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