January 16, 2023

Ditching Perfection The Renegade Way

This episode is the final in our “Best Of 2022” series.


Regan Walsh, Chief Renegade Officer at Renegade Global, is an incredible people leader who has coached some of the top executives at Nike, Wall Street and everything in-between.


She navigates her own life with constant curiosity and guides others around healthy boundaries by shifting the way people lead.


In this episode, Amy Jo and Regan discuss their point of view on perfection and provide tactical steps you can take to optimize your day, as well as your relationship with perfection before paralysis kicks in. They break apart the “disease to please” and differentiate between a preference versus a requirement.


Regan also explains how you can operate with a full tank of gas by taking out your head trash, shedding your shoulds and being brave before good, instead of faking it until you make it.


You’ll learn the key ways Amy Jo and Regan integrate these tactics into Renegade programming. They provide personal examples of how they have reclaimed time in their own days and shifted to a mindset of “I get to.” instead of “I have to.”


They will leave you motivated to ask for what you want and take action today and throughout the new year.



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